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      The reasons why you should choose granite for your countertops are numerous. Granite is one of the best materials because it comes with a lot of perks. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose granite as your kitchen and bathroom countertop material.

      Granite Is A Natural Material 

      There are many different kinds of man-made countertops, but unlike the manufactured materials, granite is all-natural. When selecting granite for your countertops you will have the appeal that comes with rock and natural stone. 

      Granite Is Eco-Friendly 

      Granite is more eco-friendly than quartz because it is not bound together by epoxy resins. 

      Granite Is Versatile 

      A perk of selecting granite for the kitchen and bathroom countertops in your home is the variety of options you will have when choosing this natural material. Every slab of granite is truly unique. When choosing granite, you can rest assured no other natural material has the amount of color and finish options. That being said, by selecting granite, it will give you an unlimited amount of design possibilities when you want a unique look for your home. 

      Granite Is an Extremely Safe and Durable Material 

      In addition to being a natural, eco-friendly material, granite is one of the safest materials you will find for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. The fact that granite has no pollutants that can be found in manufactured products makes it all the more reason to choose granite. Granite is an excellent choice for your food preparation area. Granite can handle hot objects and will not melt, burn or crack like some man-made products. The strength of granite will almost guarantee a choice that will last and last. In fact, some of the oldest structures in the world are made of granite. Therefore, for safety and durability, you can be sure that granite is the way to go when deciding on the material for your countertops. 

      Granite Countertop Maintenance 

      Granite is an excellent choice for countertops for the homeowner that wants to make cleaning easy in the kitchen and bathroom. Granite is so easy to clean, it is a top choice in the food and medical industries. Granite not only gives that special visual aspect, all you need for a clean surface is warm soapy water. When you make granite your material of choice, you can be assured the maintenance is minimal, the aesthetics are amazing, and the durability and quality is guaranteed. A common concern of using granite as countertops, is that the The Marble Institute of America recommends you reseal them once a year. I have never sealed mine because they are very dense. Some of the lighter granites do need to be sealed once a year; they are not as dense. With that said, sealing is very easy to do. After cleaning your countertops, you wipe the sealer on, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then wipe it off. Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and Amazon all carry good quality stone sealers.

      Granite Gives More Bang for the Buck 

      When making granite the choice for the countertops in your home, the quality you get for the price can’t be beat. Granite is an excellent choice for those high-traffic areas and everyday usage. This is why granite is one of the most highly sought-after materials on the market.