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      Selecting the right stone fabricator involves doing some research. An inexperienced fabricator can ruin even the most expensive slabs.

      You want to select a fabricator that uses high quality standards. You will only discover this after visiting your fabricator’s showroom and asking them to walk you through their process, from material selection to fabrication to installation.

      Fabricating the perfect countertops for your kitchen and bathrooms takes careful measurements and the know-how to make your entire kitchen look “seamless.” The quality fabricator does not install countertops without discussing countertop seam placement. Take it from me, seam placement can take your kitchen from high-end to bargain-basement in a flash.

      You want the number of seams to be minimal and the placement to not be located at, or rather through, the sink. A bargain-basement fabricator will place seams through your sink because it is the easiest solution for them. If you are a perfectionist like me, the last thing you want staring you in the face everyday while washing the dishes is a seam located above and below your sink. Yes, your seam is smaller; but it is also in your daily sight path. A longer seam placed farther down the countertop is the ideal seam placement.

      Questions for your fabricator:

      1. How long have you been in business?
      2. Do you have a showroom I can visit? (Size of showroom does not matter, just quality)
      3. Do you use modern fabrication CNC machines or do you do everything by hand?  (CNC machines offer a higher quality of standard.)
      4. Do you have references/reviews/photos of recent projects? 
      5. Does your company install, or do you utilize subcontractors? You do not want a fly-by-night fabricator that works out of the back of their truck.
      6. How do you clean each type of countertop material? 
      7. Does your chosen countertop material need to be sealed, and if so how often?

      Check out multiple fabrication shops so you will have a comparison with which to choose. Your chosen fabricator will be able educate you on the different types of countertop materials and the pros and cons of each material. You will be glad you did your research, as your countertops are one of the main statement pieces in your home.